Highly Motivational Adaptive Learning Software

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Adaptive Technology diagnoses individual students’ strengths and skill gaps on specific standards, then automatically scaffolds curriculum up or down to accelerate or remediate.

Powerful Content

Our questions, problems, rationales, reading passages, video lessons and printable study guides deliver grade-level appropriate content, prerequisite skills practice, and end of course content aligned with the rigor of your adopted standards.

Highly Motivating

Striking graphic quality in mesmeric games from genres like arcade, physics, logic, puzzle, and sports compel students with diverse interests. Dynamic leaderboards deliver real-time results of point leaders and high scores, so students are constantly motivated.

Automated Reports

Flexible, on-demand reporting enables you to view exactly the data you need to continuously monitor progress, inform instructional decisions and provide accountability.

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Aligned Instruction

As schools shift to more rigorous standards, students must prepare for more challenging coursework and testing. We support this transition with math and reading curriculum, instructional materials and assessments that are appropriately complex at each grade level.